Valuable Vid–Religion and Gay Marriage:

Besides being one half of the Vlogbrothers, John Green is an author, humanitarian, and a Christian whom I highly respect. He doesn’t wave his ‘god-cred’ (I suspect such displays likely make his stomach church), in fact, it took me months of watching the Vlogbrothers to discover his convictions. He strikes a pleasant balance between honesty and acknowledgement that the label of ‘Christian’ is not necessarily in itself the best summary of his beliefs. In this video John approaches the issue of ‘gay marriage’ from a specifically religious perspective (I use quotes because I do not believe abstract societal institutions can have a sexual orientation).

Sorry I haven’t posted in ten days. You know you’re a blogger when you apologize to the internet for not publicly posting your lengthy opinions as promptly as you promised (to no one in particular). In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this video.

The video John Green was responding to:

Note: I don’t always possess the knowledge or the authority to comment on the most pressing social issues of our day, so instead of adding to the noise I will frequently use Quickposts to share the work of those who articulate my views more fully and eloquently than I can.


Quickpost: Valuable Vids

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