Sexuality: Wishes

Cinderella Castle and Wishes 2

Cinderella Castle and Wishes 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sexuality is probably  one of my favorite topics. I try not to talk about it unless it’s relevant, but sexuality is also one of the many topics that religious communities struggle with. And it’s an especially frustrating topic for me. I don’t blame the church however. I think western culture has done a fine job of screwing up sexuality. I don’t have anything profound to say tonight, but I have a list of wishes. When I have children I hope they never have to wish these things:

  1. I wish someone would have talked to me about erotica before I discovered it for myself.
  2. I wish conservative Christians would either admit their ideas about sexuality are cherry picked from Levitical laws, or restructure their doctrines of sex altogether.
  3. I wish parents would talk to their kids about contraception, whether or not they endorse premarital sex.
  4. I wish someone had spoken to me about what it is to embrace my sexuality as a woman.
  5. I wish society at large could embrace a vision of female sexuality that is broader and more complex than the stock characters of the angel and the whore.
  6. I wish men were allowed be more vulnerable.

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