Valuable Vids: Phil Plait – ‘Don’t be a Dick’

This video of Phil Plait speaking to a group of skeptics encapsulates what so many people have been asking for lately: civility. Plait is clearly speaking to his in-group; his attitudes and statements are meant to be received by people who share not only his commitment to skepticism, but also his religious skepticism or disbelief. He is specifically addressing other materialist atheists, but I think his words are useful for everyone who advocates strong (or culturally inflammatory) opinions about the nature of reality.


2 thoughts on “Valuable Vids: Phil Plait – ‘Don’t be a Dick’

    • You question can be taken two ways, so I’ll respond twice. (1) Whether astronomy is ‘against religion’ depends on the religion. (2) I don’t think he’s trying to effect religion at all, since his audience is made up of confirmed religious non-affiliates. Either way, his message is refreshingly civil, don’t you think?:)

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