Breaking Radio Silence

English: The Oregon coastline looking south fr...

The Oregon coastline looking south from Ecola State Park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wish I could say there was some great reason why I’ve been silent for the last eleven days. The truth, however, is quite mundane. My boyfriend David (who attends school a few hours away from where I live) came to visit me for spring break, and my internet responsibilities suddenly seemed less pressing. But I’m back, and I’ve got a to talk about. Recent headlines and events in my personal life have led me to explore the following topics, titled as follows:

Bringer of PainWhen I left my faith community I wasn’t simply changing parties, I was posing everyone who is a part of that community with a dilemma. They had to either change their beliefs surrounding the fate of ‘outsiders,’ or face the application of that fate to me. I’ve had several friends say they are concerned for my happiness, but lately, the greatest threat to my happiness is the the pain I seem to inflict on others by true to myself, my ideals, and my desires.

The Sex Taboo” and “My Sex Taboos“– How do facets of Christian culture (namely, NAD Seventh-day Adventism) handle sexuality? What defines the moral boundaries of sexual behavior inside and outside the proverbial ‘fold’? This post will contain my musings on the various sexual taboos and religious restrictions I took for granted growing up. It will also explore my struggles with breaking away from these taboos, and my sexual mores now that I no longer identify as a theist.

“Community of Individuals”– American culture is individualistic, and I am a particularly independent individual. Yet any time I join with others in common interest or belief I become a part of a greater community with a loose (or tight) weave of overarching ideals and desires. What is my responsibility to this community? Do I automatically represent them to the world at large? Is it the responsibility of those who observe my behavior to account for my complexity as a human being, or is it my responsibility to make it easy for others to assess my community by my behavior? This post will attempt to take on these questions and submit a few (personal) answers.

I hope you’re looking forward to these posts.  I know I am. As usual, feel free to discuss the content comments below. And remember to read the archives and engage there as well. I read every single comment no matter how old the original post. It’s never too late to begin a thoughtful discussion!


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