PS–The First Commandment

In my blog, The First Commandment, I compare the character of Jonas Hanson–the antagonist of the SG-1 episode 1.6–with the Christian godhead. I note that as Hanson lifts many of his lines straight from the Old Testament,  it would seem that he has many similarities to Yahweh as described therein.

But it’s not quite that simple.

I’m no stranger to the concept of re-contextualization. TV writers may choose to sample literature and art and give it new meaning, and this choice does not mean I–as a viewer–should then project that new meaning onto the art being sampled. Sampling, re-contextualization, and reinterpretation display the cultural significance of a piece, they don’t alter it. When SG-1 sampled the Old Testament to write “The First Commandment,” it was not an argument about the nature of the Christian god, and would not be sufficient as such.

My post wasn’t meant to prove the Old Testament god is like Hanson, but to express my consideration of this possibility. There are many interpretations of scripture based on fields I have not adequately studied. I only have a third-hand understanding of these interpretations, at best, and I have no reason to preference them over the possible explanation set up by SG-1. My layperson’s understanding of the Bible leads me to conclude that ‘god’ looks more like Hanson than the theologically Jerry-rigged, all powerful, all-knowing, everywhere, fully loving and just God I was raised to believe was somehow trapped between its pages.


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