Valuable Vids: “Letting Go of God” by Julia Sweeney

Julia Sweeney – Letting go of God

This video isn’t really a video so much as it’s an audio file posted on YouTube. I’ve been caught up in holiday things lately, but I discovered this video recently and really felt the urge to share it. It’s a comedic monologue by actress, author, and former Catholic Julia Sweeney chronicling her ideological journey from her seventh birthday, when she reached the ominous “age of reason.” It’s very resonant, insightful, non-threatening…the kind of thing that makes you think, “If only everyone could listen to this…” I’ve had a lot of important conversations with my in-laws recently, and if I could show them only one portrait of deconversion, disbelief, and subsequent personal development it would be this one.

Well, that’s how I feel this week. ♦

NOTE: The routine is over two hours long, but it’s quite episodic, and thus there are many convenient places to pause it for later.


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