The Letter: Final Reply

By now you all know about the request I sent to my home church to remove my name from membership. The vote to remove my name was to take place at the next church board meeting. As expected, I received an email from my former head pastor the day after the meeting, the pertinent bits of which have been copied below:

Last night we had the March business meeting…I briefly presented your request saying simply that this is not a sudden decision, nor does it come because of bad experiences, anger, or frustration with our church.

A couple of members expressed surprise, but no one asked questions. I think our members are mature and understand that when a request like this comes, it is not a moment for questions or discussion, but of honoring the request.  A motion was made and the vote to remove you name from membership was taken…with regret.

You know, I’m sure, that you are loved in this community and, of course, always welcome when you’re here…


Pastor X

Pastor X further offered to mail me a copy of this email on church letterhead, an offer I have declined. I trust him, the church, and the process. It’s officially over. ♦

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