Valuable Vids: That’s Humanism!

Recently, the British Humanist Association released a set of videos narrated by Stephen Fry answering some common questions about Secular Humanism. These videos (half of which are animated by SkeptiSketch) address the questions, “How do we know what is true?” “What should we think about death?” “What makes something right or wrong?” and “How can I be happy?”

These are questions commonly asked of people who hold atheistic views primarily because truth, death and afterlife, morality, and happiness are concepts traditionally offered by religious worldviews, and so dominated by them in the public consciousness that many people do not understand how to consider them without religion. Many of my fellow skeptics, once they came out as non-theists, had to field questions from friends and family members who assumed that without god they would be sad, depressed, and without a moral compass.

In a few short minutes, however, these videos manage to provide succinct explanations for how a Secular Humanist understands truth, death, morality, and happiness through meaning-making. Through simplicity, brevity, and visual interest, these videos lend themselves to home use as conversation starters, educational tools, and as a crash course for theists who have not been exposed to much Humanist thought.

Personally, I plan to show them to my own family and friends, and to make them available to those who may have questions about my recent exit from the church.

You can view these videos here, on the British Humanism Association website. ♦ThatsHumanism_Web_Banner 500x160 copy


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